Cheese Bread

I like Parmesan cheese, and this bread has a strong flavor of the cheese with 20% of it to the flour. The crumb is moist and delicate with 60% total hydration, 5% olive oil and 18% stiff levain pre-ferment. I didn’t retard the dough but I’m satisfied with the results. Definitely appetizing in this humid and cloudy weather. 🙂

Recipe: “Bread” by Jeffrey Hamelman

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  1. Hi Nat

    Good to see you in new place. It’s a good idea to have a blog in English such that you could meet more professional baker from all over the world.

    When you become a bread master, teach me.

    Cheers, Kitchen Man (廚房男, Not quite sure if here support Chinese as well)

  2. Hi 廚房男

    How are you? Bread master… it’s toooooooooo far away, let’s enjoy some real bread at the moment. And have fun!



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