Hot Cross Buns

These hot cross buns are from Jeffrey Hamelman’s “Bread” recipe. It has an interesting sponge, which the flour to milk ratio is 1:5, with some yeast and sugar, waited until the size is 3-4 times bigger. The sponge lookes like expired milk after fermentation.

The bread texture was fluffy too. This was the first time I tasted a “fluffy bread” and I love the texture. This bread is soft, very spicy, and has lots of dried fruits. It’s the best hot cross buns I ever had. 🙂

Fermented flour, milk, yeast & bit of sugar:

Lots of dried fruits and peels:

Recipe: “Bread” by Jeffrey Hamelman (you can find the recipe from the internet easily)

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  1. Beautiful hot cross buns! I’ve had good luck with Hamelman’s recipe also.

  2. Thanks for stopping by and your compliment! I like Hamelman’s recipes, including both his natural yeast and commercial yeast recipes. 🙂

  3. I also liked the fluffiness of these Hot Cross Buns. I’ve used a different recipe last year, but Hamelman’s hot cross buns are soooo much better!!!! That’s my go-to recipe now!

  4. Mine turned into chocolate chip buns, but they were indeed light and fluffy and in fact I have just made another batch (minus crosses) with choc chips and vanilla and a sort of floral essence glaze yesterday, because we love buns so much in our house! Yours look bootiful!

    • Choc chips, vanilla and floral essence, nice combination. I can imagine the buns would be all time favourite. 😉

  5. Samantha

     /  March 30, 2013

    I’ve tried Hamelman’s hot cross bun recipe today~ I’m thinking my buns didn’t rise up enough in the oven… could be because I left them proofing for too long :/ And I made the crosses too fat, ahaha…. note to self: locate piping bag before starting to bake. I am very much a novice ^^;;

    I came across your blog and was interested in how you went about making the buns. Ah, so -that- is how they should be. 😉 I’m relieved to see that the crumb of my (flat-ish) buns looks similar to yours! 🙂 I used sultanas only in mine and they were a perfect match for the glazed bun. 😀

    Cheers & Happy Easter!

    • Hi Samantha
      Thanks for visiting my blog. Happy to know you like the bread! 🙂 Hamalmen’s recipes are really good…. Love love love them!! Happy Easter too 🙂


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