Transitional German Style Many Seed Bread

This is the second time I made this bread, and I used spelt flour to replace all the rye flour this time. As the gluten and water absorption of spelt is higher than rye, I added more water than the recipe indicated. I think I have added more water than the dough needed, so the final dough was soft, and the resulted bread crumb was lighter than last time. (Actually I would prefer a tighter crumb as it is called German style bread 😛 )

On top of the bread were rolled spelt. Though they only had a slight spelt flavor eaten with the bread, they were crunchy and I love this. 🙂 The bread had a light spelt flavor and was quite tasty, but I prefer the rye version.

I like Peter Reinhart’s Whole Grain Bread book, as I always love the strong wheat flavor of whole wheat bread. And the recipes inside allow me to make in just 2 hrs. In this way I can make bread after work (relaxing activity after work!).

Recipe: “Whole Grain Breads” by Peter Reinhart

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  1. That is one beautiful loaf! I typically don’t like the texture of traditional, dense German-style breads so maybe this spelt loaf is for me!

  2. Thank you! As it’s German style, so I thought it should have a dense crumb. Maybe I should have changed the name to fit the crumb. :p Anyway it is a tasty bread. Thank you for enjoying over the web!

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  1. Bao/Bread, la boulangerie entre Hong-Kong et USA, par Natalie – VOTRE PAIN

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