Potato Bread with Roasted Onions

I always want to try new recipe when I have time to bake, but I’ve made this bread from the recipe of Jeffrey Hamelman’s “Bread” for several times now, and highly recommend it. This bread is sooo delectable. It has a very strong roasted flavor, yet is sweet because of the roasted potatoes and caramelized onions. The potatoes have made the crumb tender and the dough less sticky to knead as well. I like the potato skins. They gave a “rugged” look and taste to the bread. I also made the other potato bread without the caramelized onions before, but this one with the onions is unbeatable. The caramel flavor made the bread much much more delicious..

Some notes about preparing the bread — I used Chinese potatoes to make this bread, which gives a stronger potato flavor than Yukon Gold that I have tried before. To prepare the potatoes I diced them with their skin on and baked at 180C until cooked, and then mashed them with a fork. For the onions I did not follow the recipe to bake them, I fried the onions with olive oil at medium heat until they were cameralized instead. The weight of the onions would reduce by almost half when they are done. Hence make sure to prepare double weight of the recipe indicated before cooking them. It is also important to make sure the water in the onions are mostly evaporated when cooking them. Otherwise the onions would be wet in the baked bread. If you ever make this bread, do let me know what you think about the taste of it. 🙂

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