Double Espresso Brazil Nut Cake

This is my first post ever on cake. It’s Dan Lepard’s recipe in The Guardian. I love coffee so much and I really like the idea of adding fine grind coffee beans to this cake. The coffee bean I used? It’s Sumatra Mandheling from my french press this week… Heehee. This cake also has 2 other ingredients that I like a lot: spelt and brazil nuts. The brazil nuts pair with the coffee very well. My cake texture seemed a little coarse, maybe I should chop the nuts finer next time? Anyway, I love the taste of this cake. Yum… 🙂

I didn’t make cakes for long time and almost forgot some steps. Hope this cake looks fine. Less icing maybe? No idea about icing on a cake at all!

Recipe is from the Guardian website and the link is here 

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  1. antoniatable

     /  September 27, 2010

    Looks like a luscious cake! Can’t wait to try it! AntolniaTable

  2. Thanks for the recipe … 🙂

  3. Could I ask you to take the recipe off your site, and instead to provide a link to it on The Guardian’s site:

    This recipe is copyright and simply cut & pasting it doesn’t in fact drive any traffic to Dan’s pages at The Guardian, and is an infringement of his and the newspaper’s copyright. So we ask people to link to the original publication, not to copy it.


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