Spelt and Walnut Bread

The recipe I used is from Grégoire Michaud‘s Artisan Bread. I love all the irregular holes and purple stains in the crumb which are created by the levain and walnuts. A natural beauty. Agree? 🙂

The spelt and walnuts pair very well too. As always I love the taste of spelt, especially the spelt berries taste really sweet after soaking in warm water overnight. A high amount of spelt in bread doesn’t create grassy and bitter tone like whole wheat. This grain should be more pronounced in making whole grain breads.

I baked the dough on the same day instead of refridgerating at 5C for 18hours for bulk fermentation as indicated in the recipe to fit my schedule. I also made it a big loaf instead of small ones, and baked it at 235C at the beginning and then lowered to 210C after the dough gained color. The bread was taken out at 45mins. The thick crunchy crust goes perfect with the nutty flavor of the walnuts and spelt. 🙂

I really love spelt bread! What about making a 100% sourdough spelt with walnuts for next time? Stay tuned!

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  1. Your bread looks awesome! I would love to try it toasted with some decadent goat cheese and cherry jam 🙂

    • Thanks chef! You do like goat cheese and cherry jam, do you? 🙂 There’s not much bread left now. My family likes it. I need to hurry up to get some cheese!

  2. Looks delicious! What nice pictures you took here! Have you ever tried einkorn?

  3. Your bread looks delicious! I love walnuts in savory bread.

  4. marina

     /  September 27, 2012

    can anybody please please give me the recipe for this?
    i cant seem to find it anywhere…. 😦
    thanx a million! 🙂

    • Hi Marina, thanks for your message. The recipe is from chef Gregoire’s book and I’m afraid there would be copyright issue to post the recipe. The recipe is in his book “Artisan Bread” or you might further check with the chef in his site! http://gregoire.michaud.net/


  5. Thanks 🙂

  6. Thanks! 🙂

  1. L’hebdo du pain // Weekly Bread (n°6, 27 septembre 2010) – VOTRE PAIN

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