100% Spelt Levain

I love the 100% spelt bread that I’ve made according to Richard Bertinet‘s recipe in the book “Crust” before, and this time I’ve made a sourdough version of it. I replaced all the poolish by a liquid sourdough (1:1 spelt to water) and added 25% of walnuts (to all flour) to the dough. Others were remained the same as the recipe.

Proportion of sourdough to final flour was 2:1. The bread was only little sour. Crumb was chewier with the sourdough and I like it. I also like it with walnuts, which go well with the sweet and nutty spelt. Love spelt. I am thinking to make a spelt bread with cheese and walnuts next time. 🙂

Recipe adapted from: Crust by “Richard Bertinet

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  1. Again, could you remove Dan Lepard’s recipe from Biritish Baker and instead provide a link to the opriginal source: http://www.bakeryinfo.co.uk/news/fullstory.php/aid/7462/Power_flours.html

    Please note that recipes are copyright and that the food writer and original publisher do not benefit from you cutting & pasting their content.

    • Hi David, thanks for the msg and sorry I didn’t realize it. Let me review and remove over the weekend all Dan’s recipes posted here. On this “100% Spelt Levain”, just to clarify it’s not Dan’s recipe. Will go through the blog this weekend anyway.


  1. L’hebdo du pain // Weekly Bread (n°8, 11 octobre 2010) – VOTRE PAIN

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