Country Bread

This is from Jeffrey Hamelman‘s book “Bread“. Nice and clean loaf. I made this loaf with Dove’s Organic Strong White Bread Flour. Actually I’ve made this bread 2 times – the first time was with King Arthur’s Unbleached All Purpose Flour, which looked much flatter with closer crumb (I didn’t even take a photo). I emailed King Arthur and got a reply that the AP flour is softer and hence it’s better to use bread flour when the recipe calls for. I always thought it could be used for bread as there is a baguette recipe behind the bag of the flour. Maybe it depends on how the flour is used in a recipe? I should also have noticed that the dough with the AP was quite loose when I was making it too. There’s still much to practice and learn for my home baking.

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  1. It’s so confusing about the flour types isn’t it? I’m really glad KAF emailed you back. Baguettes are made in France with a low protein flour, so I guess AP flour is similar to that, and ciabatta are apparently made with low protein flour too in Italy, though Hamelman specifies bread flour there too. Were you happier with this one? It looks really lovely 🙂

    • I have a bread book from a Japanese chef and he listed flours with different ashes and proteins and which flour was used for particular recipe. I believe there’s something to learn about flour for professional though bread flours in supermarkets work for home bakers too. I agree with you that the AP should work better for baguette and ciabatta. Maybe more importantly how the dough feels/ dough strengh so it affects how much water to add and how we manage the dough. KAF replied me on the same day and I’m happy with it. Thanks for telling me to leave a message in their offline chat box. 🙂 Yes I am happy with the bread. Tastes good and gone on the next day. 🙂

  2. Antoniatable

     /  December 18, 2010

    Looks like the kind of bread I would eat gorgeous holes!


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