Mellow Bakers – Chocolate Marble Bread

Hi! This is my contribution to the Mellow Bakers for this month. Originally a Pain de Mie (or Pullman) on Page 243 of Jeffrey Hamelman’s book “Bread: A Baker’s Book of Techniques and Recipes“, I tried something fun — a chocolate marble version.

I used 1/3 of the Pullman bread recipe for this bread. The choco filling is from this website. Very clear step-by-step photos there. I was pretty lazy and didn’t put the choco filling in a plastic bag to fridge it in a choco sheet.. I only spreaded the filling on the dough with a knife. The filling was pretty runny without fridged and it was pretty messy when I twisted the dough … you can imagine the filling sort of squeezed out .. so I didn’t twisted the dough much and there’s not much marble in my bread. Should have prepared the choco sheet~!

The choco filling recipe can be sweeter and smoother for me… still this kind of bread is a hit to my family!!

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  1. I want this bread very badly right now (heehee) I was telling Patrick of Bakery Bits about it. He is the only person who sells pullman tins in the UK, but they are quite an expensive item to buy. I told him that he should bake a pullman and put it on his blog. Well he has the tins! And I suggested he should try this one of yours as he has a hungry family. I am curious to see if he actually does it. I can imagine how sticky and oozy it was to twist – how did you resist licking your fingers…. You have transformed the humble Pullman into a teatime treat of desire 🙂

    • How did u know I lick my fingers?? hahaha… I have a pullman tin with a lid, but that’s for 1lb loaf only, costing about 4 pounds here. I found that Hamelman’s recipe ask for a much longer tin for a 3lbs loaf right? I didn’t see in HK too, probably not suitable for home bakers here cos we use smaller ovens in general.

      Good idea to suggest Patrick putting a pullman on his blog! Should be able to get more attention to the bread~ I think pullman is fun to play with too, achieving the perfect square, making different flavors for it… hope he’ll enjoy this marble version 😉

  2. I MUST try this bread… it’s incredible! I’ll let you know, in case I succeed. Thanks for the recipe,


  3. This bread looks great – I like it the way it’s turned out and would love a slice of it right now.

  4. what a spectatulair loaf of bread, it just looks amazing!!

  1. Cafe sign … With Jam and bread « Nick Garrett truly modern Traditional Sign Writer

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