3 Kinds of Chinese New Year Cakes

Haven’t posted for a while. I still haven’t bought a new oven since my last one was broken down. I’m still interested in eating all those high carb food though. The Chinese New Year has just come and I’ve made 3 kinds of Chinese New Year steamed cakes today. They are Chinese Turnip Cake (left), Sticky Cake in the shape of Variegated Carp, and Water Chestnut Cake (top).

Cake in Cantonese/Mandarin pronunciation is the same as “high” in the same language. Therefore we have these cakes meaning for a better life in the new year.

Happy Chinese New Year guys!

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  1. These are amazing – I can’t even begin to think how you made those carp-shaped cakes look so beautiful. Wow.

    • Thanks! They are made with a mold and hence it’s not that hard. Trust many people can make it beautifully 😉

  2. I feel like it would be a shame to eat those, they look so beautiful.

    But they probably taste good too.

    • Thanks! Taste-wise — ok, no matter chinese cakes or western cakes it’s always not easy to make a nice texture 😉

  3. afrenchasianfoodlover

     /  January 24, 2012

    Happy chinese new year ! I love traditional chinese food and I really enjoyed your recipe of ZongZi, thanks for it.
    Your steamed cakes look so lovely and yummy, bravo ! What kind of cakes are the fish-shaped ones ? Could you share the recipe for them ?

    • Hi, Apology for my late reply. I’m afraid I can’t share the recipe with you as I learnt it from a chef which there might be piracy issue by sharing recipe from the class. There are many great recipes online and believe you should be able to find a good one. Thanks for the interest to this post.

      • HP

         /  February 8, 2012

        Hi, I’m glad you’ve taken the time to reply me. No trouble for the recipe, I didn’t mean to embarrass you. Anyway, I agree with you about the great recipes : I actually was thinking about doing bo lo bao, yours seem very well done… As I live in France, I also really like bread and already tried making some but it never turned out so successfully than yours, so I’ll be thinking to your recipes ! All the best.

  1. Happy New (KARMIC ~ Completion ) Year! « Paris D'Aglion

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