Bake Again

Finally I bake again. I finally bought a new home oven which I thought would be great to help generate steam in the oven and make great bread. Now it seems I need to spend few more times with it to make better bread. The 2 sides of the crust in this bread is not as crusty and there could be more oven spring? Well it’s not a professional oven (and I’m not professional) after all. 😛

Below is a simple levain with a hint of honey which I modified from a Japanese bread book. It’s 113g sourdough with 100% hydration, 250g flour, 105g water, 5g salt and 5g honey. Overall hydration is approximately 54% and flour is Marriage’s Organic Strong White Flour. Clean flavor and stay moist on 2nd day. It reminds me of the good old baking times, and it’s always good to take a break and bake at home. Haha.

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  1. Welcome back to baking! I’d LOVE to get a new oven – I think mine may be going to pack up fairly soon… 😦

  2. Finger crossed!

  3. I bake “Tang Zhong” 湯種麵包 bread, using biga starter; result comes out not bad. Please visit my blog if you wish (new blog since this year)

    • I couldn’t find the Tang Zhong bread. I like the Chinese pastries in your blog though. Welcome to the world of foodie blogs!


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