Photo – bread baking with iron drum

An old man baking flat bread with an iron drum on the street of Shanghai

Taken in 1992 (From

France’s Hottest Baker

He is smart to call bread “erotic” and “romantic”, isn’t it? Adding senses descriptions to market the breads. And he says at the same time, “bread is not just bread — not just something you put on the table to accompany your meal”. It’s clever to attract bread lovers at time. I am looking forward to trying his bread too. I hope they really taste good but are not some sensational marketing technique only. 🙂

Gontran Cherrier’s interview in The Times UK:

What to Do with Stale Bread?

Here are some delicious solutions for stale bread (in Chinese, but you could get translation from Google easily 🙂 ) from “Anthropologist in the Kitchen” by Zu Yi, blogger from Taiwan and now living in Hong Kong.

I am going to make Ajo Blanco (starter) and seafood salad with bread croutons (main) with my left over bread soon 🙂

Poilane Rye and Raisin Bread

HK$78 (EUR$7.4) for 6 pieces, not cheap, but I never thought raisin bread would taste that good. The raisins in this bread taste really fruity, aromatic and moist. They are not sweet and taste different from those in the supermarket. I like the crust as well, which is slightly burnt with a nice smell from the wood-fired oven. The bread is worth to try for at least one time. I am happy to find Poilane bread in HK and will try the other two kinds soon. 🙂

Ciabatta?? They are slippers …

Imagine they are on your feet … lol *o*

Great Blog

Recently I’ve been busy moving to a new home (really home, not blog), and have not settled to bake (more truly I am more focused on home cooking this moment : P). Though there’s no bread to make, I am still enjoying some great bread blog on web. Here’s one:

Drool…………… :)……

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